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Poison Ivy Control
We're "Inching" to kill your ivy Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy - Control
The Conserv-A-Lawn
2 Step Plan

Poison Ivy- Identification

Whether climbing trees or buildings with it’s sucker like rootlet hairs or disguising itself as a friendly plant in your garden Poison Ivy is one of the chameleons of the plant world. Even its most distinguishable characteristic, its three leaf pattern, can be deceiving. Although some leaves have large serrations , others may be entirely smooth, complicating identification to the amateur.


Allergic Reactions
The characteristic rash, blisters and itchiness familiar to poison ivy victims is caused by exposure to the persistent, virulent sap found throughout the plant. Even small residues of this sap, left on garden tools can remain for years and stay potent.

The Knockout Punch

Early- Late Spring
spraying action-selective herbicide to all areas of growing Poison Ivy- Poison Oak, etc... Control with 14-21 days

Follow Through

Spot-spraying of any remaining Poison Ivy- Poison Oak. For full control, a follow-up within 30 days.

Poison Ivy Division

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